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I provide philosophical counselling to individuals dealing with various existential issues (e.g. questions about purpose and meaning, feelings of isolation and loneliness, worries about death, and moral uncertainty), as well as other issues over which we have little control (e.g. legal proceedings, loss and regret, and anxiety about politics and the state of the world).

I also offer evolutionary coaching to individuals looking to more effectively pursue and attain their goals.

Finally, I work as a mediator with couples experiencing conflict and with individuals who are looking to manage the conflicts with people in their lives when mediation is not possible.

Currently, I do not offer in-person services. For most clients, I use online video calls. (A recent review of more than 100 published psychological studies found that “therapy is no less efficacious when delivered via videoconferencing than in-person.”)

I also provide email-based counselling (though not mediation or coaching). This is an ideal option for individuals who have irregular or unpredictable schedules, who have limited or unreliable internet access, or who would like to maintain the highest level of privacy.

I accept payment by cash, cheque, e-transfer (Canada only), and Bitcoin. Please contact me for information about my rates.